Modesto Area Auctions

Location: Modesto, CA
AUCTION CLOSING TODAY!  Fri, January 13 - Thu, January 19

Please note this location is closed on Mondays

Many, if not most, of us have purchased things from this online retail giant. Returns are always allowed but the items must be in their original packaging.  Once returned, items cannot be resold by them in their online store.  Since there is usually nothing wrong with them, these returns tend to be very high quality.  This auction contains returns from a very wide variety of categories; automotive, grocery, electronics, housewares, domestics, baby, pets and more.  You don't want to miss this one so come on in and check it all out!

We have not tested individual items for completeness or operating condition.  Wherever possible we have noted either in the description or the pictures if items appear incomplete or damaged but we do not always know if that is the case.  Previewing to ensure all components are included and items operational condition is highly recommended prior to bidding.  It is common that these items are being sold through auction for simple cosmetic issues or because people didn't like them and returned them and they are complete and in working condition.  It is also possible that these items are incomplete, inoperable or in need of repair.  In all cases items are sold "As Is" and "Where Is" with no warranties expressed or implied.  Previewing prior to bidding is recommended.

This auction will have a SOFT CLOSE.  This means that if there are any new bids within in the last two minutes of a unit's scheduled closing time, the bidding will be extended by two minutes to allow the previous bidder time to respond.  No unit will close for bidding until the scheduled close time has passed AND there has been no bidding during the last two minutes.


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