Live NOW! Sporting Goods Wholesale Pallet Lots - Elk Grove - July 22nd

All items closed

Bidding starts Wednesday, July 17th. These pallets will be at BidRL Elk Grove ready for inspection/preview on Friday morning, July 19th. Previewing will be available from that time until 2:30pm on Saturday, July 20th.

All items must be paid for in full within 5 days, and picked up within 10 days, of the auction closing date; this includes Sundays and Holidays.  Items not paid for or picked up within these deadlines are considered abandoned and will be relisted; without a refund if payment has been made.  Please know that this policy is strictly enforced.  If an extension is needed you must notify us by email only at  prior to the applicable deadline. If you've sent an extension email and have not received a response by the end of the next business day, please call to confirm email receipt. Abusing this policy is grounds for terminating a bidders account.  Verbal & phone requests for extensions are not accepted. 


Items in this auction may be overstocks or returns, new or used, perfect or broken.  We share what we know about each item via the pictures shown but we did not test any of these items, and do not accept returns, exchanges or offer refunds.  If you have not previewed an item (physically inspected it in person) and must make an assumption about that item before bidding, assume it is broken and/or incomplete unless the description states otherwise. We did not open the boxes to verify contents; these are raw liquidation pallets and we have no way of knowing or guaranteeing the contents of boxes.

This auction is one entire pallet per lot number. If these pallets are previewed, they must be re-wrapped and re-packed properly by the person previewing them. The winner of each pallet is committing to taking the entire lot; not picking and choosing items from it and leaving items behind (wood pallets & gaylords are optional, winners can either take them or leave them). We do not have a forklift on site at all times so the winner of each pallet must be prepared to hand-load their pallet(s). Large vehicles will likely be necessary, pickups or trailers are recommended..

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