Elk Grove - Independent Dealer Auctions

Location: Elk Grove, CA

Elk Grove Auctions Coming Soon!

A new location in Elk Grove, California is joining the BIDRL team as an independent auction dealer.  The Elk Grove location will start hosting their own auctions on this tab in the near future.  Check back often!

What's an independent dealer?  Great question!  An independent dealer is a business that has applied, been screened and accepted by BIDRL as a company who can run their own auctions on our site.  These businesses are carefully selected to ensure our bidders will be treated fairly and the auctions run honestly and ethically.

All BIDRL.COM bidders can see the auctions provided by our independent dealers, however BIDRL.COM does not share our customer's credit card information with anyone.  This means that in order to bid on an auction provided by an independent dealer, you will need to first register with that dealer.  We have made that registration process very easy.  When bidding for the first time on an auction hosted by an independent dealer, you will be prompted to enter your credit card information.  You can do so with confidence, knowing that each dealer has the same high levels of security surrounding customer information that BIDRL employs.  Once entered, your contact information will then be made available to the dealer and you are ready to bid.  You will only need to register with each dealer once, and can then bid on any and all auctions that dealer hosts.

If you have any questions, e-mail us at info@RLLiquidators.com.

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